Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blogging tip: blog from your heart!

     One mistake some bloggers make is that they don't blog from their heart. When you decide to start blogging, don't go into it for the money. Yes, it is true that blogging can be a source of income for some. If that's your primary reason for going into blogging, you can get discouraged when the money doesn't roll in.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Please what's the best hotel in Ibadan? It can't be Premier hotel!!

     I told you guys that I would be telling you about my trip to Ibadan in bits n' pieces.  (that's a blogging tip for you bloggers out there). While I was there, I stayed at the Premier Hotel Ibadan and this is my candid review.

My reason for the trip
I travelled to Ibadan to write an exam at the University College Hospital and I spent 2 nights at the hotel.

Type of room I stayed in
I stayed in the Classic Double Room for  ₦16000. Before I left for Ibadan, I did an online booking for their Superior Double Room for  ₦17000. When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that my booking had not been received. I had received a booking confirmation! I was also informed that there were no available Superior Double Rooms. If there were none available, why were they portrayed as being so on their website? Apparently, there was a disconnect between their website and the actual hotel operations.

Main review
     The hotel is located on top of Makola hill and I really liked the view from the reception lobby. However, I wish I had known that it was a bit off from the main road: you couldn't walk into town. This wasn't too bad because the hotel staff graciously arranged for a local taxi to pick me up.
    The concierge was very helpful and  polite. The cleaning staff were prompt and my room was cleaned daily and the towel changed. I question the effectiveness of the cleaning because when I took my bath, the water did not drain out. On closer inspection, I discovered that there was some hair and other dirt clogging the drain. In addition, when I bent down to pick something from beneath the birth, I observed that it was dirty.
     A complimentary buffet breakfast was included in my stay and this was a plus for me. However, when I went downstairs for the buffet breakfast, I completely lost my appetite. There was a complete lack of variety and the food did not look attractive at all. I eventually settled for yam and egg stew which was surprisingly tasty. I later learnt that they had an 'A l'a carte' breakfast.
     On the first night I arrived, I was given a free internet coupon but this expired by midnight. When I complained to the reception staff, I was informed that the person in charge of the internet wasn't available to print a new coupon. I had no more internet for the rest of my stay! This was really upsetting to me!

The view from the lobby

Hotel rating

    Overall, I would say that it's an average hotel but I would rather not stay there again. Anybody who knows Ibadan relatively well? What other nice hotels can I find in Ibadan?


Friday, October 12, 2012

Bobbi Kristina is marrying her brother-turned-boyfriend!

     The latest celebrity buzz is that Bobbi Kristina, late Whitney Houston's daughter, just got engaged to Nick Gordon, her 'adopted brother'.

     The story is that  Nick Gordon, who is now 22 years old, was unofficially adopted by Whitney Houston when he was 12. He and Bobbi Kristina have been living in the same house: they basically grew up together. Now, they have romantic feelings towards each other. I'm thinking to myself, "Have they always had some inkling of attraction or is it a recent thing?". 
     Whatever the case is, since they are not actually blood related, I don't think it's a crime for them to get married. In fact, since they have known each other for that long, the issue of trust would probably not be a problem. After all, many people have gotten married to their childhood friends.
     Is it wrong for them to get married?


What guides you?

     I just thought to share my devotional today. The main verse is "For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God." - Romans 8:14 NAS.
     Who guides your decisions? Your personal emotions intelligence or wisdom? Desire for fame, money and power? Friends or family? Or the Holy Spirit?


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blogging tip: Pictures are so important!

     If you've ever written a blog post without including a picture, I would like to tell you never to repeat that. If you want your post to look interesting, always put a picture.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How young, is too young to wear a weave?

     I was in church the other day and one teenager sitting in front of me kept flicking her hair (she might be about 14 or 15 years old...I'm not sure). When I looked closer, I noticed that she had fixed a long weave..maybe 12  or 14 inches. You could tell that she wasn't used to that length of hair brushing on her face. As far as I'm concerned, I think that she was too young to have a weave on. I've even seen weaves on girls as young as seven years: I think this is completely wrong!

      Every young girl should learn how to appreciate and to take care of their own hair before they start fixing weaves. Otherwise, they will get lazy and keep wearing weaves without bothering to learn anything about their hair. Besides, when young girls fix extensions, it makes them look older than they are. Let children be children and adults be adults. 
     I think that girls should start wearing weaves when they turn 18. What do you think? How young, is too young to wear a weave?
    You can voice your opinion by either leaving a comment below OR voting in the poll on the side bar. Have a great day!!


17% of Nigerians wish they were American!!


   This is a very interesting question and I was surprised to learn that in spite of how bad this country may seem, more than 50% of us would remain Nigerian given a choice. To be honest, I don't know whether I'd rather be Nigerian or not.
Pros of being Nigerian

  1. Relatively easy to find a business to do. Given the fact that there are so many unmet needs in Nigeria, you can find something to do that will make you an income.
  2. Running your home is relatively easier because you have extended family members and hired staff to help you.
  3. Our weather is relatively nice: not too hot and not too cold.
  4. Nigeria is a country that has been blessed with little or no natural disasters.
  5. Nigeria is generally a country filled with people who have a good sense of humor.
  6. Since Nigeria is still a developing country, it is possible to make a difference.
  7. The taxes are not very high unlike some developed countries.

Cons of remaining Nigerian

  1. Poor phone and internet service
  2. Inadequate jobs
  3. High level of poverty
  4. Irregular fuel supply
  5. Lawlessness: rampant corruption, reckless driving, violent occurrences and killings, etc.
  6. Bad roads
  7. Ill-equipped hospitals
  8. Low standard of higher education
  9. Poor electricity supply
  10. Bureaucracy and excessive delays involved in everything: opening an account, getting your business registered, getting your passport, getting a NAFDAC number for your product, etc, etc.

My questions for you guys are:

  • For those that would remain Nigeria, what is (are) your reason(s)?
  • For those that would rather change their citizenship, what is (are) your reason(s)?


How I finally handled the pregnant housemaid issue!!

     Last month, I had complained to you guys that my housemaid was pregnant and I didn't know what to do with her. [Read What do you do with a pregnant housemaid].  As the days went by, it became a very precarious situation: she was throwing up and unable to do any work whatsoever. I really felt for her but it put me in a very difficult position. I have 3 children: the oldest is 4 years and the youngest is 9 months: I didn't want to carry the extra burden of taking care of one more person.

        I was faced with a  moral dilemma: Her husband is a cook and I felt that her salary had been helping the family a little. If I sent her away, it meant that they would have only one source of income. Besides, I always believe that every woman should have her own source of income, no matter how small it is. It reduces the amount of 'Yanga' that your husband can make for you. I was therefore faced with at least 3 choices:

  1. Leave her to stay on, keep paying her and hire someone else to do the work. There was a particular day that she was vomiting excessively and I had to rush her to the hospital. If I kept her, I would be responsible for her health. What if something happened to her while she was in my house? I decided that this option was not feasible.
  2. Send her home with a good severance pay and forget about her. 
  3. Pay her normal salary and offer to send her a little stipend every other month. I chose this option.

What option would you have chosen?

     Anyways, she left at the end of last month and I've been without a househelp since then. Fortunately, my husband and two of my relatives (who came in from Port Harcourt) have been pitching in. I need a new househelp but I don't know where to start looking. Any suggestions?


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is DSTV still the best cable provider?

     While I was in Ibadan last week, one thing that struck me was the ubiquity of STAR TIMES offices. I don't think I even noticed any Hi-TV or Multichoice (DSTV) office throughout my stay there. I think I saw one GO-TV office.
     I later discovered that STAR TIMES offers 26”, 32” and 42” LCD TVs all with inbuilt decoders. If you can't afford the TV or you don't need one, you can just purchase their decoder for ₦3900 (in addition to some other things like an external cable, etc.). When I checked the channels they provide, I was really not impressed: I noticed things like NTA news, NTA entertainment, NTA Abuja, NTA education, etc. I did notice BET.
     I don't really know much about the other Satellite TV providers like Hi-TV and Go-TV but I still think that DSTV offers the most options with regards to channels. Or what do you think?


Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm back from Ibadan!!

   Hello people! I'm back! I'll tell you more about the exam in the not too distant future. I went to the ancient city of Ibadan to write it and I must tell you that I have a lot to say about my trip. You will read about it in bits and pieces in the days to come.
     Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll question in the sidebar, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE AND WE COULD COME BACK TO EARTH A SECOND TIME, WOULD YOU COME BACK AS A NIGERIAN? IF NOT, WHAT WOULD YOU COME BACK AS?.. I'll publish the results soon and you will find out how many Nigerians want to become American AND how many love this great nation!!
    I've been left out of all the blog 'gists' and I'm still trying to catch up but I'm back to blogging full time. Have a great week!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm preparing for exams

 I have exams on the 5th of October: I have to buckle down and  read for the final stretch. This means I won't be writing any posts till afterwards. Please wish me success and pray for me!!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Independence day!

     Just wishing all my readers a happy independence day!! From this day, please renew your resolve to have love, faith and honesty and this country will be a better place to live in!

The Nigerian National Anthem

Arise O' Compatriots, Nigeria's call obey
To serve our fatherland 
With love and strength and faith 
The labours of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might 
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity

O God of Creation, direct our noble cause,
Guide (thou) our leaders right,
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign

The Nigerian Pledge

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful, loyal and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my strength
To defend her unity
And uphold her honour and glory
So help me God


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If it were possible and we could come back to Earth a second time, would you come back as a Nigerian? If not, what would you come back as?