Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let me introduce myself

Hello everyone. My name is Ufuoma (nickname Fomsky). I'm a medical doctor and aspire to be a dermatologist in the not too distant future. I live in Lagos, Nigeria and I am also an avid blogger: I just closed one blog, Life As This Mommy Knows It, to start this one. I also have another blog that focuses on hair, weight loss and skin at The Sizzling Mommy.
I started this blog to talk more about my life as a Nigerian working mom and wife. I'll be talking about relationships, kids, careers, money, a bit of politics, current affairs. You name it! Please join me as I take you through it all: my life as a Lagos mama!!



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If it were possible and we could come back to Earth a second time, would you come back as a Nigerian? If not, what would you come back as?