Saturday, September 29, 2012

Making some extra money: buying property in the U.S

     I love listening to Dan Foster's breakfast show on Inspiration FM 92.3. A couple of mornings ago, a  I learned about a company called International Property Development Consortium (IPDC). What they do is to help interested parties purchase property in the U.S. These properties are much cheaper than the ones available here in Nigeria. One guy even called in to endorse the company. He talked about how the guys at IPDC helped him purchase a 2-bedroom house in the U.S for 5 million naira. Now, he gets a rent of $700 monthly on that house. This has really piqued my interest oh!!

     The IPDC representative also talked about their referral program. What happens is that for every person you refer who buys a property, you make a clean $2000 dollars. When you refer up to 7 people, you get a ticket to the U.S and some other perks.
     Anyways, the IPDC is holding a U.S property seminar tomorrow, 30th of September, at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. You will learn how to own a property investment in the U.S and make a profit from it. You will also learn how to get a Green card through your property investment. Finally, you will learn how to double your funds within a year by buying and selling U.S homes. It's FREE to attend!!
     Just thought I'd let you guys know. I wish I could go but I already have plans!! Have a great weekend!


*To visit the Facebook page of International property consortium, click HERE.
*To visit the official website of the International Property Consortium, click HERE.


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