Wednesday, October 10, 2012

17% of Nigerians wish they were American!!

   This is a very interesting question and I was surprised to learn that in spite of how bad this country may seem, more than 50% of us would remain Nigerian given a choice. To be honest, I don't know whether I'd rather be Nigerian or not.
Pros of being Nigerian

  1. Relatively easy to find a business to do. Given the fact that there are so many unmet needs in Nigeria, you can find something to do that will make you an income.
  2. Running your home is relatively easier because you have extended family members and hired staff to help you.
  3. Our weather is relatively nice: not too hot and not too cold.
  4. Nigeria is a country that has been blessed with little or no natural disasters.
  5. Nigeria is generally a country filled with people who have a good sense of humor.
  6. Since Nigeria is still a developing country, it is possible to make a difference.
  7. The taxes are not very high unlike some developed countries.

Cons of remaining Nigerian

  1. Poor phone and internet service
  2. Inadequate jobs
  3. High level of poverty
  4. Irregular fuel supply
  5. Lawlessness: rampant corruption, reckless driving, violent occurrences and killings, etc.
  6. Bad roads
  7. Ill-equipped hospitals
  8. Low standard of higher education
  9. Poor electricity supply
  10. Bureaucracy and excessive delays involved in everything: opening an account, getting your business registered, getting your passport, getting a NAFDAC number for your product, etc, etc.

My questions for you guys are:

  • For those that would remain Nigeria, what is (are) your reason(s)?
  • For those that would rather change their citizenship, what is (are) your reason(s)?



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