Saturday, October 13, 2012

Please what's the best hotel in Ibadan? It can't be Premier hotel!!

     I told you guys that I would be telling you about my trip to Ibadan in bits n' pieces.  (that's a blogging tip for you bloggers out there). While I was there, I stayed at the Premier Hotel Ibadan and this is my candid review.

My reason for the trip
I travelled to Ibadan to write an exam at the University College Hospital and I spent 2 nights at the hotel.

Type of room I stayed in
I stayed in the Classic Double Room for  ₦16000. Before I left for Ibadan, I did an online booking for their Superior Double Room for  ₦17000. When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that my booking had not been received. I had received a booking confirmation! I was also informed that there were no available Superior Double Rooms. If there were none available, why were they portrayed as being so on their website? Apparently, there was a disconnect between their website and the actual hotel operations.

Main review
     The hotel is located on top of Makola hill and I really liked the view from the reception lobby. However, I wish I had known that it was a bit off from the main road: you couldn't walk into town. This wasn't too bad because the hotel staff graciously arranged for a local taxi to pick me up.
    The concierge was very helpful and  polite. The cleaning staff were prompt and my room was cleaned daily and the towel changed. I question the effectiveness of the cleaning because when I took my bath, the water did not drain out. On closer inspection, I discovered that there was some hair and other dirt clogging the drain. In addition, when I bent down to pick something from beneath the birth, I observed that it was dirty.
     A complimentary buffet breakfast was included in my stay and this was a plus for me. However, when I went downstairs for the buffet breakfast, I completely lost my appetite. There was a complete lack of variety and the food did not look attractive at all. I eventually settled for yam and egg stew which was surprisingly tasty. I later learnt that they had an 'A l'a carte' breakfast.
     On the first night I arrived, I was given a free internet coupon but this expired by midnight. When I complained to the reception staff, I was informed that the person in charge of the internet wasn't available to print a new coupon. I had no more internet for the rest of my stay! This was really upsetting to me!

The view from the lobby

Hotel rating

    Overall, I would say that it's an average hotel but I would rather not stay there again. Anybody who knows Ibadan relatively well? What other nice hotels can I find in Ibadan?



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