Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm back from Ibadan!!

   Hello people! I'm back! I'll tell you more about the exam in the not too distant future. I went to the ancient city of Ibadan to write it and I must tell you that I have a lot to say about my trip. You will read about it in bits and pieces in the days to come.
     Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll question in the sidebar, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE AND WE COULD COME BACK TO EARTH A SECOND TIME, WOULD YOU COME BACK AS A NIGERIAN? IF NOT, WHAT WOULD YOU COME BACK AS?.. I'll publish the results soon and you will find out how many Nigerians want to become American AND how many love this great nation!!
    I've been left out of all the blog 'gists' and I'm still trying to catch up but I'm back to blogging full time. Have a great week!



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If it were possible and we could come back to Earth a second time, would you come back as a Nigerian? If not, what would you come back as?