Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is DSTV still the best cable provider?

     While I was in Ibadan last week, one thing that struck me was the ubiquity of STAR TIMES offices. I don't think I even noticed any Hi-TV or Multichoice (DSTV) office throughout my stay there. I think I saw one GO-TV office.
     I later discovered that STAR TIMES offers 26”, 32” and 42” LCD TVs all with inbuilt decoders. If you can't afford the TV or you don't need one, you can just purchase their decoder for ₦3900 (in addition to some other things like an external cable, etc.). When I checked the channels they provide, I was really not impressed: I noticed things like NTA news, NTA entertainment, NTA Abuja, NTA education, etc. I did notice BET.
     I don't really know much about the other Satellite TV providers like Hi-TV and Go-TV but I still think that DSTV offers the most options with regards to channels. Or what do you think?



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